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Praise for Beating the Success Trap

Beating the Success Trap
A guide to rethinking the meaning of success that may well resonate in these financially difficult times. Brodow's diagnosis of an all-too-common personal dissatisfaction is convincing, and his prescriptions are well grounded in both basic psychology and common sense.
Publishers Weekly 

In these materialistic times, it's refreshing to come across a motivational guru with a down-to-earth message like Brodow's, who thinks people should eschew the pursuit of objects in order to accomplish what they truly desire. Full of thoughtful advice and illustrative anecdotes on everything from personal finance to career choice to business negotiation, Brodow's earnest and enthusiastic Beating the Success Trap will have you happily reassessing your life.
Book Sense 

Beating the Success Trap was another of our book club selections for our annual meeting and trip to Carmel in November. Ed Brodow lives in the Carmel area and spoke to our group about the book. His theme here is the familiar one that money will not lead to emotional fulfillment and happiness. Believing otherwise, pegging everything to amassing material things is the "success trap." Brodow challenges the traditional idea of success and provides a fresh look at just how to rethink the meaning of success. What is meaningful to you? I very much enjoyed this book. It's provocative and makes you think about your life.
– Jane Ackerman in The Readers Exchange Newsletter 

I highly, highly, highly, highly (did I say highly? Yep. I'll say it again...), HIGHLY, recommend this book. It's mainly about how people spend their lives constructing things they don't want, and don't need, only to cut themselves off from their actual personal selves and dreams. It will wake you up and make you remember who you are and where you want to be.
The Quill of Deana Zhollis  

What a timely, provocative message. The perfect book for anyone who agrees with Maurice Sendak's classic line, "There must be more to life than having everything." Author Ed Brodow shares real-life suggestions and fascinating insights to help readers have the quality of life they've always wanted . . . now, not someday. Read it and reap.
– Sam Horn, author of Tongue Fu! and What's Holding You Back? 

A wake up call for all of us who are chasing an empty dream of success. Brodow clearly outlines the steps to defining – and achieving – success on our own terms. If you wake up in the morning wondering what your life is all about, Beating the Success Trap is for you.
– Laura Davis, author of The Courage to Heal 
At last a book that helps people understand what is really important. Brodow has written a must read for everyone who feels like they are on a fast-moving treadmill – and can't seem to get off.
– Marjorie Brody, author of Help, Was that a Career Limiting Move? 
Ed Brodow offers a red alert to those who are running out of time to make their lives joyful and meaningful. He makes a strong case that true success is not related to achievement, but to aliveness. If you are feeling trapped by your 401(k), read this book before it's too late!
– Susan Page, author of If We're So In Love, Why Aren't We Happy?
This book has the one thing people are looking for in their quest for success... Answers!
– Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Sales Bible 

Brodow tells the hard-hitting truth about the many ways that striving for "career success" can lead to feelings of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and failure. I urge everyone to read, use, and benefit from his wisdom and insights!
– Al Siebert, Ph.D., author of The Survivor Personality 

Beating the Success Trap is the alarm bell that working America needs to hear.
– Fire "Captain Bob" Smith, author of Eat Stress For Breakfast 

In a world fixated on image, expectation, and external trappings, Ed Brodow brings a rare but welcome and refreshing message: Stop. Take Stock. Define success in your own terms and get a life – the life you truly want and deserve.
– C. Leslie Charles, author of Why Is Everyone So Cranky? 

Beating the Success Trap can create a rebirth. With clarity, humor and self-revelation, Brodow helps us steer free of the sirens of success not by focusing our light on the sirens, but on ourselves.
– Warren Farrell, Ph.D., author of Why Men Are The Way They Are 

Beating the Success Trap is the elixir for most of us who are desperately running in that rodent wheel actually thinking that we're making progress. It's a refreshing new look at what constitutes real – and self-mastered – success.
– Alan Weiss, Ph.D., author of Life Balance: 
How to Convert Professional Success Into Individual Happiness

Ed Brodow is one of the few people who can help you get what you deserve for your services when the rest of the world is looking for a pigeon. Don't be victimized – go out and buy a copy of Beating the Success Trap.
– Patricia Fripp, author of Get What You Want! 

Beating the Success Trap is a MUST READ for everyone, the earlier in their career the better. It shows people how to focus on what really makes them happy and fulfilled. I started following this advice in 1988 – it has worked wonders for my health, my wealth, my marriage, and most of all, my happiness. RUN OUT NOW and invest in Ed Brodow's book so you can start immediately to live the rest of your life in happiness.
– Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of The Platinum Rule 

If you ever wondered why you have the trappings of success – the "things" – but not the peace of mind, Ed Brodow offers an easy-to-read, no-nonsense guide that will help you cut through the obstacles to your happiness and fulfillment.
– Susan RoAne, author of The Secrets of Savvy Networking 

Brodow's new book is chocked full of easy-to-implement actions that help us untangle ourselves from the typical success trappings and carve out a blueprint for our own vision of success.
– Marilyn Manning, Ph.D., author of Leadership Skills for Women 

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